Treasured Gift Baskets
The right Gift Basket for the right Occasion

Hello, and welcome to Treasured Gift Baskets. We moved to the Arizona desert 10 years ago when we retired. We love living here away from the hustle and bustle of the city and traffic but we also found we were miles away from any significant shopping areas. We have to drive 25 miles just to go to a store for groceries and the nearest big town for any major shopping is 90 miles away. So consequently I found myself turning to the internet and doing on line shopping for most of my major purchases.

One of the many things I found myself shopping for was gifts for family and friends scattered across the country. That is why I started researching doing a website for gifts for everyone. With a Gift Basket you don't need to worry if it is the right size or the right color. You can pick something that will match the things you know they like. As we grow we will continue to search out and add a great variety of baskets that will fit any occasion.